Travco guarantees fast and competitively priced Travel Documentation services for 24-Hour Passport and Standard US Passport Services, and all International Visa Services.

Passport and International Visa Service

Travel Visa Services (800) 987-2826

Going to Australia, Brazil, China, India or elsewhere? Get your travel visas arranged prior to travel with Travco.

Travel Visa requirements for entry into foreign countries vary from country to country and are constantly changing. This is due to the fact that they are all based on foreign relation travel agreements between that particular country and the U.S. Government. That being the case, we advise you to call us at 212-624-9194 for your travel visa requirements of the country of your interest.

Business and Tourist $100.00 regular processing
Visa Application $150.00 rush processing (if consulate allows)


All consulate fees are Additional. We also supply necessary forms plus list of requirements, estimated total cost and number of working days needed for processing. For prompt and accurate service, state purpose of trip, number of persons and passports, and nationality in appropriate circumstances.

A note of explanation together with a copy of the itinerary and name to contact for whatever reasons may be necessary. These should accompany all passports for processing of visas.

Call 212-624-9194

We process travel visas to Australia, China, Brazil, India, Russia, Ukraine and any country which requires a visa upon entrance.

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